vineri, 5 iulie 2013

Incredible India Periodical (1)

It's been 8 months and 19 days since I arrived in India. I think it's time to start sharing about my Indian experience, don't you think?

I'm sorry I didn't do it from the first few days, when everything was new and weird and I used to get a cultural shock almost every day...I remember I use to have an epiphany every other day and felt happy that I decided to come to India.

After I started to work, for real (since December), I did not have time to write anything, I am, trying to share my Indian experience and what I understood so far of this unbelievable culture.

I'm on sick leave, so now I have some time to READ! So, I started "Holy Cow", by Sarah Macdonald - a book that I've been wanting to read for the past 6 month, but only touched when I was wiping off the dust from the bed-table.

I like it a lot! It helps me remember the beginning of my experience here and understand things about the culture that Indians were not able to explain to me (because even they don't know the reason behind it). It also has a lot of things that I haven't seen or experienced yet, but hope I will.

So, for now, I'll advice everyone who is in India or plans to come and visit, to read it and take a few items for the "to-do and to-see" list.

Word/expression of the day: Namaste!   (= welcome)