joi, 4 august 2011

Key Word: TIRED

Hi there! I know it's been a while since I wrote on this blog, but I just don't have the time! I'm working from morning to late at night with only one day off and, as you can imagine, in that day off I don't know what to do first.
I wanted to say (or write) so many things, but the library closes in 15, I'll be quick.
No. 1: I'M SOOOOOOO...OOO TIRED! but don't worry, cause it's going to be this crazy only in August, in September things will slow down,there won't be as many tourists and I won't get so many hours at my first job.
No 2: I'm wondering - What's the point in having a vacation if you're spend all your time and money shopping (action that you can do or do all the time at home or everywhere) ? What do you think? I think you either visit everything there is to see and do all the things that they have there or just relax by the pool, at the spa, on the beach...or mix those two...but NOT shop the entire vacation!
No 3: I'm going to Las Vegas and New York!!! I just bought the ticket!
No 4: I just saw Harry Potter the last part! It's awesome!