joi, 16 decembrie 2010

Wish You Were
    There's this beautiful sad song that reminded me about a thing that Ms. Ciorba Iulia told us (me and my colleagues) about the way people process  reality (= through representations). The thing that she said is that we don't fall in love with the person, but with the representation of the person, the degree of correspondence between the image that you created about the person and the real person is what makes the difference. When the correspondence is weak, people don't understand why the other person behaves uncharacteristic and start wondering what happen that made him/her change like that, when, in fact, that's the way the person really is...My personal favorite situation is when people project their ideal mate into the other person's image, they madly fall in love and after a while (6 months - 2/3 years) they realize that the love that seemed to be forever is now gone and start wondering why. Well, that's because in the mean time they have gotten to know the other person for real, for what he/she really is.

    That's why I love cognitive psychology!

    Kate Voegele - Wish you were
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    zmeurică0112 spunea...

    Wow.. chiar m-ai lasat fara cuvinte.. si oricat de mult as incerca sa neg, nu pot.. pentru ca pur si simplu asa este!

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