marți, 4 ianuarie 2011

New Year's Eve Resolutions part 2

Step 1: Examing Examining last year's resolutions:

Last year I said I'll be projecting my personality on the internet, and I  realised that it's harder then I thought it would be...but I'll keep working on it this year too; I also said that I'll be more transparent and let people know me as I am, regardless of who or how they are - this is the point where I made most progress and I'll keep working on it this year too (and all my life, I think).

Step 2: Making new resolution

Besides last year's resolutions, this year I want to:

  • learn to manage better my time (or at least to manage somehow my time); 
  • be more organized; 
  • get deep into research (2 e-team projects and one of my own);
  • take the TOEFL test and the GRE too;
  • dust off my French;
  • get involved into ASFI's project and maybe coordinate one; 
  • start and keep restart BUT KEEP a healthy lifestyle (eat right, exercise, walk, use natural cosmetics, DRINK WATER);
  • read more (moooooooooore psychology and a bit of fiction literature);
  • watch classic movies;
  • expand my musical horizons;
  • apply for an ERASMUS mobility;
  • go to U.S. with a work&travel program or stay in Ro for psychology research and experience in my area of "expertize";
  • start visiting Moldova's places of interest from the "273 places you must see before you leave Romania" list;
  •  And most important LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH!
  This is my teeny tiny list... So...

Poets Of The Fall - Desire

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pro spunea...

Nice blog! I like your writing way. I'm doing practice GRE here: . I hope it's useful for GRE test takers.

Dana spunea...

Thanks for the feedback and for the link, I'll use it!

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