sâmbătă, 29 ianuarie 2011


We want it, we chase it, I got it.
Everywhere you look (movies, books, music, TV) you see the new wave in achieving personal happiness: Accepting yourself for who you are.
What if you can change who you are and get close to the "ideal you"? Or , a new thing I found out: What if, on the way to change you realize that the "ideal" you is not so great as you thought it would be or not so different from what you are right now? And then, you can really accept yourself for who you are, even more: you can love yourself.
I believe that accepting yourself equals limiting yourself.

Me? I changed so much that now I find myself on a crossroad. The change reached the core of my personality, the foundation of my character...And now I don't know which way to go...left: liberal, open-minded or right: conservative, moral.  

In the meanwhile, check out this old beautiful song:
Ryan Adams - Wonderwall

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