vineri, 3 iunie 2011


 Two perspectives: "normal" people perspective and my perspective.
Subject - Waiting For Forever movie
Normal people cry at this movie, but in the end they say: true love always wins! Great/good movie...
How I see it: He was traumatized by his parent's death and associated Emma with security and love at a fragile age, so that was NOT true love. As for her, she was going through a rough time and his childish way took of the weight of the world off her, for the moment, it was the best thing for her...but after a while she would find him naive, childish, immature and (still) traumatized (with a deeply rooted disorder this time - and given the age of the disorder appearance it would probably be a psychotic, no "cure") and that wouldn't be good for her anymore...cause she was emotionally stable and mature. So, not quit possible in real life.

On the other hand...I kinda related to Willy...So now, I feel just "peachy". Don't worry though, I didn't stalk nobody, I'm not traumatized or neurotic/psychotic.

And by the way, do you confirm that I overthink things? :))

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