marți, 11 septembrie 2012

Life is wonderful...

I hope you had a beautiful summer, full of ... things that make you feel peaceful, joyful, accomplished, appreciated, ... - happy, because I had.
I've been living (like I said in the last post) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming - U.S.A., but this year I took it easy, I didn't work like a crazy person. I enjoyed the time spent here: I went out every Saturday, a walked around town, I looked up to the sky, I bought a bike and went everywhere with it...I discovered a lot of beautiful spots that were under my very nose...I made a lot of friends and got to know a few great folks, and I'm not finished!

That's why I just want to say that I am grateful for this amazing life I have and thank God and all the people who made all this happen.

So, I'll be here for two more weeks one more week and then I'll take a quick run home to spend a little time with my family and friends, because on the 3rd of October I'll be in Mumbai, INDIA to be a part of the Talent Engagement Group, in the Human Resources department of the Tata Consultancy Services!!! And I'll be there for a year...

I don't know what I did to deserve it, but my biggest dream just came true!
All I need is someone to share all this joy, luck and blessing and my life will be perfect, but I know that this part will come too...If there's something I'm sure now more then before, is the fact that with patience, hard work and optimism you will get everything that you want, so hold on to that dream!

This song is perfect for what I  feel right now:
Jason Mraz - Life Is Wonderful (live)
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Andreea spunea...

Nu pot sa nu incep prin a-ti spune ca optimismul si gandurile tale pozitive m-au miscat cumva. Ma bucur atat de mult pentru tine! Si da, bineinteles ca meriti. Mult succes in India si ai grija de tine. Andreea M

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