sâmbătă, 6 noiembrie 2010

Random Gibberish

For the past three years Psychology has taught me that you can never feel life, love, joy, disappointment, happiness, sadness and all the other feelings, more intense then when you're young. Also, I thought that you can't truly understand what that means until you're mature and you see that what you feel now is stable, but not so intense like it was when you were a teen or in your early twenty's, but I think now I do. And that's why I'm afraid I'm waisting my time being alone and miserable when I could be out there living my life, falling for some guy, have my heart broken and swear I would never be so stupid to buy that crap and then go ahead and do it all over again.
I think people don't feel life and the feelings that come with it at the same intensity later in life because they have jobs, responsibilities, maybe families, and caught in all that, people just forget why they got all of those things in the first place - to be happy, to feel alive, loved, to matter, to make a difference in someone else's life. And even if they don't have those things, and theoretically they could feel at the same intensity, chase after dreams and risk it all for one person who they think is either "the love of their life" or " their soul-mate", they just don't because society teaches them that this is not how a "grown up" should act, this is the way kids act, impulsive, reckless, like their whole life depends on it....but hey! it kinda does!
On the other hand...I don't just wanna fall for SOME guy, I want a GREAT guy, because that's the only way I can fall...and that's kinda hard to find, especially when you stay all day long hiding in your dorm and all night in some random club where you just don't give a chance to anybody (cause honestly...you're gonna meet your "soul-mate" in a club? not very romantic...and not something to tell to your grandchildren neither).
And I want to BE great, I want to change the way people think is "normal" to treat other people...I want them to see that is not so hard to be kind, and to understand each other, and to search for the good side in one's personality, cause everybody has a good side, and in fact, the "bad side" is actually a potentially good side that either learned socially to be bad or was good but traumatized, and the "being bad" is a defense form.

And now, for something completely different:

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