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Random Gibberish part 2

Poza e sparlita de aici
It's been a while since I've wrote something on this blog of mine...but lately I have been very busy and besides...sometimes I wonder why I write here what I write...
Today I want to babble about being in love with an idea. And to be clear about what I mean, think about the prototype or representation of your "ideal mate" (everybody has a "wishlist" of how their "soul mate" should be).

I don't know how other people operate, but I have this prototype in my head and I compare every single man that I meet with that prototype and decide whether to pay any attention or not to him. 
So, I'm in love with this prototype...but I thought that I will never meet someone that will fit perfectly my prototype and lived driven by the idea that I should find somebody close to my mental image and that experience will teach me what are the essential aspects that I need to find. That was until I met somebody who seems to be the materialization of my idea.

And this brings me to the discussion...
First of all, I wonder: Am I the only person that works with mate-prototypes?
Then, I wonder...these prototypes...how do we create them? Are they really what we need? Or are they just what we want? Me, for example, I think that I created this prototype by realizing what I need from a man to make me happy. And I can't help but wonder if  I really need everything that I've put on my "wishlist". 

It's like shopping for a gadget ...we go into a store with an image of what we want to buy (ex: Nokia E71), and we tell ourselves that we need every single feature on the 'wishlist' (Symbian Operating System, 3.15 megapixel and autofocus Camera, GPRS, 3G, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared, etc), when actually many of the features from the wishlist are there just because they look good, or they are the new wave in technology...(to continue the example, we rarely need infrared, we normaly use bluethooth and Wi-Fi, camera and 3G...Honestly, I have used my phone camera maybe ten times in the past 2 years and never the 3G! ).
Did you understand what I tried to say here?

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