sâmbătă, 7 mai 2011

Back in Iasi

I just wanna say that my holiday home was awesome !


Then, I went (as I said) in Vama Veche to celebrate the First of May. There I discovered Les Elephants Bizarres - a band wich I heard about before but missed every chance to see and hear live...all I knew was that they play indie and that they open for The MOOoD at most of their concerts...
What I can tell you is that I just loved them! Their indie style is exactly what I need to give me energy - is what I like to call "happy rock" -
This is a piece of their concert in Vama Veche, as you know, it's a totally different feeling when you're in front of stage...but, I hope you get interested:

The sad part is that I already miss my family and friends...

Ow, by the way I don't think I'll be writing on this blog anymore... I realized that I can't say what I want to say because people who know me might read it, so...I'll just post about interesting events.

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